The way I see art is by revealing some sort of a story, whether it's relating back about my experience or the way I see the world. I have been focusing on expressing, designing and developing a form of reality, something that people could look and think deeply about it.
I love to experiment and be able to create designs that have such a habit of remaining a story.
I do not have any sort of a 'style' towards my art, I love to give myself many opportunities to explore different meanings of pursuing artworks with the use of many different techniques.
The only thing I could say that I do like to include are eyes. The reason we are able to see the world, Without them, we are unable to see what the world can offer you.

Below are some of my recent work. There are finals, examples and process to my overall developments.

My Artworks

“everything is draining”

Watercolour, acrylic and coloured fineliner pen on paper.
18cm x 24cm [2023]

“the red pair”

Acrylic on canvas.
20cm x 20cm [2024]


Acrylic on canvas.
20cm x 25cm [2023]

“funny path”

Acrylic on canvas.
17.5cm x 12.5cm [2023]

"the blue tree rests"

Watercolour, coloured fineliner pen, coloured pencils and touch migo markers.
18cm x 24cm [2024]

“how could you? you made my heart sick.”

Acrylic, oil paints and watercolour on canvas.
Print Example.
20cm x 20cm [2023]

"within these chanterelles"

Acrylic on canvas.
25cm x 30cm [2024]

“the paired mushrooms”

Acrylic on canvas.
25cm x 30cm [2023]

“mushroom family”

Acrylic and googly eyes on canvas.
25cm x 30cm [2023]

"my childhood is leaving."

Acrylic on canvas.
40cm x 40cm [2024]

Below here are just some more drawings/paintings I have done !

My Designs

My Album Designs

"the dreams won't hide the stares"

Acrylic and dry pastels.
Vinyl / CD Album Cover Example


"two opposite homes"

Screenprinting on A2 paper.
Vinyl / CD Album Cover Example

"the loner table and the lightbulb"

Cut-outs and fineliner pen.
Vinyl / CD Album Cover Example


Acrylic, oil pastels and coloured paper on canvas.
Vinyl / CD Album Cover Example

I was to re-designed 'In Rainbows' By Radiohead to meet the criteria. [This is not an Official design]
- Monoprints, watercolour, coloured fineliner pens, coloured pencils, acrylic, cut-outs (with coloured papers), collage, oil pastels, mixed medias on A3 Sketchbook.


Mural Design


College Brief
-Paper cut-outs (with coloured paper), digital designs, acrylic, watercolour, alcohol pens, fineliner pens.
North Kelvinside
Not an Official Mural!

My Poster Designs


Here are some multiple poster examples I have made, played around with the text/title plus different variety of colours. The original piece is shown at the very end. 

Acrylic and Watercolour on watercolour paper.

General Designs

"clone clown"

Watercolour and fine pen. 
Poster Design Cover Example.


Monoprint, Felt paper and googly eyes. Human outline by pencil.


Coloured pen on paper.
Print Example.

"scented mushrooms"

Acrylic and paper cut-outs.

"that illusion deceives you"

Acrylic, Watercolour and felt pen.

2022 Process

I have gotten A* for my Advanced Higher Art and Design (Design) in my high school. Below are the developments and art I have painted and designed through-out my year from August 2022 - April 2023.

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